It Works! Super Greens+ On-the-go Cocoa Dream Flavor

Get your greens and balance your nutrition.

Offering the best of land-and-sea nutrition, It Works! Super Greens supports an alkalized body, healthy digestion, and nutritional balance with clean, plant-based superfoods. The vegetarian formula features a unique blend of seaweeds, algae, leafy plants, and exotic sprouts—with every sip giving your body the green light to feel good about nutrition.

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Why should I use It Works! Super Greens?
With an exotic blend of plants, veggies, and superfoods, It Works! Super Greens helps you fill in the gaps in your nutrition routine.
While it’s not meant as a substitute for fresh vegetables, it supports balanced nutrition, healthy detox and immunity, and clean digestion—so you can feel good about your choices.
Plus, it provides a solid boost of Magnesium to help you maintain a healthy pH balance!
Give your body the green light to enjoy these greens from around the world.

Features and Benefits
Blends a naturally sourced collection of nutrient-rich plants, minerals, and adaptogens.
Includes Aquamin mineralized seaweed extract and Coral Calcium, providing 74 trace minerals.
Supports balanced pH, clean digestion, strong immunity, and healthy metabolism.
Enhanced with Magnesium for muscle and heart health.
Non-GMO, Keto-friendly, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, Soy-free.

Suggested Use
For a super boost, mix one packet (6.0 g) of It Works! Super Greens with 8oz. of water or juice.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.


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